Tim Sales’ Professional Presenter – A Must Have Network Marketing Resource

I want you to imagine that “The King” of Interviews…The King of News around the world, Mr. Larry King from CNN who knows and has interviewed U.S. Presidents, Oprah, the most famous people in the world and anyone and everyone who make the news, was going to sit down with you and ask you questions about MLM. What would you tell him? Could you imagine yourself doing it? Could you imagine the “top earner” in your company doing the interview? Or would that very thought make you cringe like watching a wildebeest walk into a lion’s den.

OK so let’s pretend you took it on (man you are brave!). What would you tell him if he asked you questions like this: “How is this different than a Pyramid Scheme?” What would be your answer? I sure hope it wouldn’t be one of those cheesy- “Well Corporate America is really a pyramid..blah….blah…blah…puke…” Or, “Oh yeah Larry and We are all going to go to jail…blah…blah…blah…” You have to do better than this. You can just imagine Larry King peering into your eyes saying…”Ok, MLM, What is it?” How would you explain it? Silence does not work my friends…no hesitating…GO. If you are struggling at all to muster an answer then you are not alone.

There is a person who went to bat for the industry and pulled this interview off…his name is Tim Sales. Tim Sales is quite frankly an MLM Legend who took on the responsibility of making MLM a professional business. Now you have a chance to go behind the scenes and use the same information Tim presented to Larry King and use it in your business so you can get the results that will expand your knowledge and get you more money coming in on a regular basis.

When it comes to content. You must know Your Industry. It is one of the keys and Tim Sales will make you a pro at this in his Professional Presenter. There is no other product like it.

To be a true Network Marketing Professional, you have to deliver real information in a non-hype factual and logical way.

Do you know how to do that? Well if you pay attention to the information in the Professional Presenter then you will.

You have to become a great presenter. Doesn’t mean you need to stand in front of 10,000 people live and present to them. But you will on the phone, a webinar, etc. The best people don’t become the President. The best PRESENTERS become the President. The best presenters will close the most deals as well.

I see a lot of the “Online MLM” folks are just skipping all of this because they believe that they are only talking to “entrepreneurs” or people who have been in MLM before so they are not getting these objections. OK here is your wake up call. If your whole downline is made up of people who jumped ship to your company…enjoy the ride for a while but just when you think things are going great, those people will jump from your company and your income will drop faster than throwing an anvil out 10 story building. You must find people who have NEVER been in MLM before. This is where you create loyalty. Loyalty because you made their life better and they stick with you and your company.

So how would you really learn to do a one on one presentation? When I say one on one presentation, I mean anytime you are talking to anybody could be a presentation. It could be over the phone, sitting at Starbucks face to face, in front of a large audience, a webcast, a live streaming video presentation, or even a video you record. You are always presenting.

Bottom line, you will learn something valuable by studying the Professional Presenter. For everyone it will be something different.

Wouldn’t you want to watch the biggest MLM Master swiftly and easily handle questions that are stopping your downline right now…Like:

What is it?
Is this one of those pyramids?
I am not a salesperson?
Can I do it?
I don’t have the time.

I want you to really think about this…just because people have objections does not make them a bad prospect. It makes them real. But if you just say that they are not serious if they have an objection like “I don’t have the time” then you are just using that as an excuse to why you will not get better and really master these objections. By the way, I am not talking about chasing your broke uncle into the business or calling someone 20 times and leaving 20 voicemails with no response. I am talking about you are there with a PRO from another industry. You either get them to understand or you get smoked. Period. I was not in MLM prior to joining and I stuck with the same company and am in the Million Dollar Club of the company. So you wouldn’t want me if I asked, “What is it?” Of course you would.

So if you are tired of getting smoked then get The Professional Presenter. It will change they way you talk to your prospects.

Professional Inviter comes with some very helpful tools:

1- Trifold Presentation Card
1- Building Your Own Business Brochure (Tim showed this to Larry King)
4- CDs – Content rich and THE way to talk to your prospects.
1- DVD. Featuring 2 Full One on One presentations plus 3 bonus one one one interviews. All the interviews are people I have mentored and worked with to build my business.

No matter who you are in MLM, you will benefit from this information…

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