Excellent Trade Show Exhibits Are Ineffective Without The Right Presenter

Deciding to opt for a display rental over a custom made trade show exhibit is an important decision based on funds available. An equally important decision is about choosing the right presenter who can communicate well with show visitors. This presenter must be a shrewd tactician who can communicate well, understands your business and attracts the largest number of attendees through his presentation. All participants at a trade show have only one goal, to stand out in the crowd, attract the largest number of foot traffic and convert this into potential sales.

Hence the presenter is such a critical person. It does not matter if you have a technically knowledgeable person who understands all the nuances of your product. If that person cannot communicate the same to the attendees and capture their attention, visitors will not be interested in your trade show exhibits at all. Many companies who do not have such a qualified person can hire a presenter. Such a person must have skills like:

• Excellent communication skills
• Thorough understanding of the company’s products and services
• Awareness of the goals of the company
• Have the ability to engage the attention of visitors of all ages
• Keep the interest of visitors with a lively, interesting and informative presentation
• Be able to keep changing the presentation at least a few times so that it does not get monotonous

If you plan to hire a presenter, you must identify such a person a few days before the show. Communicate with them the message you want to display and provide him or her with complete details about your products and services. Also show them all the giveaways you have, walk them through all audio-visual presentations etc. The presenter must be on hand when the booth displays are being set up. This will give him an idea about where various items are. A seasoned presenter will have his own idea about some innovative ways to display items in a booth.

So, it is important for you to identify what the basic goal you have by attending a trade show. Will it be to educate people about your products and services or generate leads? Once you decide this, you can consider your various display options – audiovisual, interactive, games, quizzes etc. Small companies just entering the exhibition field will not have the budget to hire professional presenters. Oftentimes, the owner of the company will also double as a presenter at such shows.

Similarly, with a low budget, these startups prefer hiring a display rental rather than buying a full-fledged custom built booth display. Once the company starts to expand and the marketing budget grows, you can consider employing marketing personnel who can double as presenters at these exhibitions or if you prefer, you can hire a presenter who can provide a unique attraction at a show. You can even hire trade show presenters who will enact a Broadway or Vaudeville show.

These kinds of sideshows do not detract from the seriousness of your presentation. On the other hand, they educate and entertain. A sharp presenter will be able to engage the attention of the visitor at your booth, assess their interest in your product and slowly elicit critical information about a potential customer. A professional presenter can therefore double as a means to attract customers and also to market your product.

For example, if you choose to do a Broadway presentation, the presenter you hire will use actors, high tech screens etc., to make a presentation about your company’s products and services in a dazzling and entertaining manner. Such a show will take about 10 minutes to present and can take place about 3-4 times in an hour. Once the show is over, the presenter can request the audience to enter a draw that qualifies them for an instant discount for watching the show.

Now, some basic information about the customer can be noted to use as a follow-up by marketing staff of the company. A company that hires such a presenter will be looking for a solid return on investment. If the presenter delivers regularly, he or she will become well known and sought after by companies who participate regularly in trade shows.

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